The Ascended Master Teaching Foundation (AMTF) bases its teachings on the dictations of the Ascended Masters, given through Geraldine Innocente, the Twin Flame of the Ascended Master El Morya, and authorized messenger of the “Bridge to Freedom” Dispensation. The Foundation believes these teachings are authentic, should be left intact, and continued unchanged. Archangel Uriel, referring to the teachings of the “Bridge to Freedom,” said on May 16, 1954, “Genesis and all of the succeeding Biblical Law is being written again. It is a Bible made up of the energies of the Archangels, the Cosmic Beings and the Ascended Masters THAT WILL STAND FOR THE REST OF THE CIVILIZATIONS BEING BROUGHT FORTH ON THIS PLANET EARTH.” We offer the original “Bridge to Freedom” dictations of the Ascended Masters, Elohim, Archangels, and Cosmic Beings. More than 6,000 pages of dictations were received by Geraldine Innocente between 1952 and 1961 during the Bridge to Freedom Dispensation. We also offer the book Unveiled Mysteries, which contains information about Mr. Ballard’s experiences with Saint Germain in 1930. With over 70 publications, the AMTF features the most complete literature in the field of the teachings of the Ascended Masters. The instructions are a practical guide in reaching the goal of all life, namely the gaining of mastery over energy and vibration, which together with passing the Seven Initiations, will result in the ascension. This teaching is designed for those individuals who are searching for the highest aspect of truth. In the text, the following subjects are covered in detail.   Knowledge of the I AM Presence (the God Presence, I AM) The Seven Rays – explanation and function How to use the Violet Transmuting Flame to transmute negative energy The protecting column of Light (the Pillar of Light) and Archangel Michael’s help The Seven Bodies of Man The Seven Initiations necessary to gain the ascension Retreats and keynotes of the Ascended Masters Dictations of the seven Archangels and seven Elohim Cleansing of the chakras Individual application, decrees and group meetings Healing in the New Age/spiritual healing by Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, and others Re-embodiment (reincarnation) and life between incarnations The Origin of Earth – how it was created The Origin of Man – Atlantis and Lemuria Co-operation between man, Ascended Masters, Angels, and elementals Dictations by the leaders of the four Kingdoms of Nature: fire, air, water, and earth Solution for the present planetary crisis   It is the wish of the Ascended Masters that the teachings of the original “Bridge to Freedom” will be translated into all major languages, thereby giving them the widest distribution. In accordance with their desire, the AMTF has translated and published 25 books into German and 2 books into Chinese. In order to complete this task, we welcome dedicated students of the Bridge to Freedom teachings, who have a good command of their native language or a foreign language, as well as English, to translate these teachings. Our goal is to publish these translations, and all books, as E-books, which may reduce their cost. Donations for this project are welcome. All AMTF co-workers, including the staff, work as unpaid volunteers. If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact us at PO Box 466, Mount Shasta, CA 96067 or All of the publications, including books and CDs may be obtained via PayPal, or ordered by mail from AMTF, P.O. Box 466, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067. For AMTF books in German see or For AMTF books in Spanish, see THE HISTORY OF THE AMTF In August 1930, the Ascended Master Saint Germain contacted Guy W. Ballard, on Mt. Shasta, and explained to him certain aspects of Cosmic Law and the history of mankind. This beautiful experience is recorded in the book “Unveiled Mysteries” and it heralded in the New Age. Under the new dispensation, given to Saint Germain, the Ascended Masters, for the first time, could give out information on the I AM Presence and the Violet Transmuting Flame. After the experiences on Mt. Shasta, Guy W. Ballard received more messages which were incorporated into books. Many were healed while attending his lectures. Unfortunately, after the ascension of Mr. Ballard in 1939, these books, for about 40 years, were no longer made available to the general public. The Law of Conservation of Energy applies also to the Ascended Masters. The tons of energy released by the Great Ones need to be returned by mankind.  How can this energy be returned if new students do not have access to the original dictations? It was primarily for this reason, that the Masters had to look elsewhere to carry forward their message. In 1952 the Great White Brotherhood received a new dispensation. They utilized Geraldine Innocente, the unascended twin-flame of the Ascended Master El Morya, as an authorized messenger. Forced to start totally anew, the Masters repeated, in substance, all of the data given previously in the 1930’s. However, many subjects and many valuable details were added. These new dictations were published under the name “The Bridge to Freedom.” (For details, see “The Teachings of the ‘Bridge to Freedom.’”) For a complete history of the Bridge to Freedom Activity, from its inception to its dissolution, see the AMTF-book “The Initiations of the First Ray.” Unfortunately, after the ascension of Geraldine Innocente in 1961, the earlier mistakes were repeated. Again, the messages of the Masters did not find the widest possible distribution. After 1961, only 5% of the original material was published. During the summer conference of the “Bridge to Freedom” in 1979, it was announced that the “Bridge to Freedom” had accomplished its goal, and that its name was changed. Annette and Werner Schroeder, who, as group leaders of the “Bridge to Freedom,” attended this conference, did not feel that this decision was done in accordance with the wishes of the Ascended Host. The Masters had stated that the task of the “Bridge” would only be complete, after every member of the human race had passed over this spiritual bridge, connecting the human realm to the divine realm, and gained his ascension. This experience, and the unwillingness of the leaders of the “Bridge to Freedom” to publish almost all of the original dictations, led to the establishment of the AMTF, as a non-profit corporation, in 1980. Mainly through the effort of two volunteers, who functioned as an unpaid staff, the goal of saving and re-publishing the original Bridge to Freedom publications has been successfully achieved. These volunteers never considered themselves as channels. They considered the original dictations, as given by the Ascended Host through Geraldine Innocente, as unique and the best material available for each sincere seeker after truth, wanting to study the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood. These volunteers wanted to give every dedicated student a choice between these dictations and the various messages of today’s numerous channels. Without this effort, the original teachings of the Bridge to Freedom would have fallen into oblivion. Over a period of 10 years, all of the original material was recovered and it is now freely available, in its entirety and original purity, without additional channelings. It is noteworthy that, as of October 2010, 77 individuals who consider themselves channels, contacted the AMTF in an attempt to gain recognition as its new channel. Many of them we met in Mt. Shasta. None of the “channels,” who contacted the AMTF to gain acceptance, had seized the opportunity to assist in the effort to preserve, fund, re-publish or distribute the original dictations given by the Ascended Host through Geraldine Innocente. Would a genuine messenger of the Ascended Host not have offered help?  Actions speak louder than words. The AMTF was founded for one purpose, alone – namely, to save the original dictations of the Ascended Host  as given during the Bridge to Freedom Activity, from 1952 through June 1961 from oblivion, to again make them available to all mankind and to complete the plan of the Masters for the “Bridge to Freedom.” If a student seriously investigates this teaching, he will find that the material of the original “Bridge to Freedom” stands on its own and needs no updating by one of today’s channels. If practiced, it will enable the student to make the ascension in this embodiment. These instructions are timeless; they apply to mankind's situation of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Masters called this material, “the New Age Bible, written for generations yet to come.” You are cordially invited to participate in the worldwide activities of the AMTF. 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